Jul 28, 2008
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Soon, all human interaction will take place through social networking sites - including government diplomacy. 
Barack Obama: America used to have HUNDREDS of MySpace friends! Bush has left us with TOM and some chick we barely knew in high school. 
Finally our interactions will be as infantile as our discussions about them. 
Angry Man: Obama would approve the friend request of DICTATORS like Mamoud Muslimajad! 
Body Type: 5' 7"/ Average
Status: Married
Zodiac: Leo
Barack's MySpace policy will use the carrot and stick approach. 
Barack Obama: If Iran doesn't respond to my e-mails...
I'll put an annoying glitter graphic in their comments. 
McCain...he would just be embarrassing.
John McCain: Hey, Sweden's new ambassador is HOT! 
Aid: That's SPAM, sir. 
John McCain: Spam? 
NEXT: Will Israel Google bomb Iran's server?
Aug 1, 2008
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