Nov 15, 2016
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Lupin:  The People have erected hurdles!  Let's do this!
Elvis:  The hurdles have been placed in several doorways, turning the apartment into an exciting obstacle course!  The time is precisely 2am...
Puck:  I got this.  I'll get there.  Don't rush me.
Elvis:  Inspired form, Puck-  Ooosh.  You're landing really loudly.
Lupin:  I am?
Puck:  Exceptionally loud.
Woman:  Sounds like the boys approve of the new baby gates.
Man:  You know, I think we got a good deal on Lupin. I'm pretty sure he's actually a tiny horse.
Lupin:  Soar like an eagle...  Land like a rock.
Tabitha:  ?Que escuchas?
Figaro:  Rumba-rumba-rumba-rumba-rumba-wump.
Nov 17, 2016
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