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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Jan 11, 2018
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  1. Duck748
    Brass Orchid GC Insider 5 days ago

    If only you could see, through the eyes of madness. As it turns out, Through the Eyes of Madness is the name of an actual book published in 2007. Who knew?

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  2. Pirate63
    Linguist  5 days ago

    After watching Big Donny’s performances this week, I’d say Little Donny is relatively sane, in comparison.

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  3. Americanflag
    Masterskrain GC Insider 5 days ago

    The Next Chapter? “How to piss off friends and completely lose ANY influence with people!” Just like he did in England over the new U.S. Embassy.

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  4. Puttgrass tribute
    L. H. Puttgrass  5 days ago

    Awww… I was hoping to see Li’l Donald as Spaceman Spiff. And I’d imagine that Hillary would be Susie Derkins?

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  5. Billights
    Mr. Blawt  5 days ago

    The Republicans would take a nuclear war if it meant they could cut programs to the poor and give tax cuts to the rich. He thinks shouting about Hillary means the investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Russia will stop. His tirades are only stopped with a right-wing puppet show about how great he is. All while pretending to be sane and intelligent. This is the best Republican leadership we have seen in a long time – this is the best they can do.

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  6. Missing large
    tim71pos  5 days ago

    Distressingly accurate. It also makes me nostalgic for the original Calvin and Hobbes.

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  7. Baby angel with roses a
    Ushindi GC Insider 4 days ago

    So continually amazing – it never stops:

    “A former Steelworkers union leader has blasted Donald Trump as a “con man,” an “idiot” and a “liar” as Indianapolis air-conditioning and furnace company Carrier Corp. laid off 215 more workers Thursday. The company has sent a third of its jobs to Mexico since Trump boasted a year ago about a $7 million state tax incentive deal for the company to keep jobs in the U.S."


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  8. Wcfields
    Funny_Ha_Ha  4 days ago

    When Donny reads this it will go right over his head, sad.

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  9. Missing large
    Broacher  2 days ago

    Perhaps a hundred years from now, assuming there still is an America, this period of history will be referred to simply as, ‘The Noodle Incident’.

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  10. 713ff186 73e8 4f52 8aac 245626ff6010
    Silvermoon29   1 day ago

    Isn’t this based off of Calvin and Hobbes?

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