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  1. 31 minutes ago on Darrin Bell

    If voters would simply vote in the primary there would be no issue.

    And the Republicans departed their system due to tea party objections.

    Democrats system did not malfunction, the candidate that got the most votes in the primary was the candidate, and got the votes of the superdelegates. Had Bernie gotten the most votes in the primary and then been prevented from being the candidate (a lie often promulgated on the internet) THEN there would be a case that the system was broken. There is no such actual case.

    The persons who make that case generally want to make the Democratic Party an exclusive club that’s available only to far left California and North East liberals. While attractive in its way, such a party would never be in power, and could not be in power, until the Republicans had literally reduced the country to ashes, as happened in the 20’s. I do not consider that a desirable way to “purify” the Democratic Party.

  2. 36 minutes ago on Darrin Bell

    Obama was a wuss, McConnell was a traitor.

  3. about 6 hours ago on Nick Anderson

    More like a tornado, with Trump the Wicked Witch flying down the center.

  4. about 6 hours ago on Scott Stantis

    Party reorganizations generally are contentious.

    Democrats are arguing within themselves over whether or not to support persons who run as Democrats but don’t pass some “litmus test” as a Democrat.

    Republicans have broken into at least four factions, possibly more, and those four are fighting like dogs over a bone. Mixing libertarians, christian right, tea party and the racist fringe was a sure recipe for infighting.

    It’ll settle out over five or six years, but it’s certainly going to be a mess for a while.

  5. about 6 hours ago on Michael Ramirez

    Trump simply cannot fire anyone in person. He doesn’t have that much moral courage.

  6. about 6 hours ago on Henry Payne

    Never thought I’d say this, but I’m beginning to see the need for a new Hays commission.


  7. about 6 hours ago on Jack Ohman

    Well, tell you guys what. The young people that the Republicans and their trolls have been doing everything possible to convince that their votes don’t matter and they should stay home, have gotten a taste of the RAW Republican Party now.

    They don’t like it. At all.

    They take voting so seriously now, that my daughter, who voted in both the primary and the general election, because I taught her to take politics seriously, has gained immense street cred from it. Especially in online and social areas, such as Tumblr. And that tells me that voting just became very important to the youth.

    Just IMHO, it’s not a blue wave. It’s the start of a blue, and very progressive, quarter century. At least.

  8. about 6 hours ago on Glenn McCoy

    I’ll wager McCoy read that headline about “OHIO BOY SUSPENDED FOR REFUSING TO WALK OUT”.

    OFC, if you read THE REST OF THE STORY, you’ll learn that he was suspended for refusing to go to a study hall, like all the other students that didn’t walk outside. Teachers had to follow them to ensure safety, so he was in the classroom alone. And got reported by the teacher who’s order he’d defied.

    Had he done that in the time and place when I went to school, he’d simply have had the crap beaten out of him by the principal. And another round when he got home.

  9. about 6 hours ago on Ken Catalino

    First POTUS in a while that I’d consider a flight risk.

  10. about 6 hours ago on Jeff Danziger

    Russia intended to demonstrate to Britain that they had lost power with Brexit. I think they succeeded.