Nov 7, 2007
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It turns out that Oprah's all-girl school in Africa is a seedy den of TORTURE and SEX ABUSE...
Teacher: Or as we call it, "enhanced teaching techniques."
Which makes it like most overseas American operations. 
But when O found out, she did what our government would NEVER do: she stopped it, then apologized. 
Oprah: I ruined my outer layer of makeup crying over this. 
Actually, at first she tried to will it away with POSITIVE THINKING...
Oprah: Please oh please oh please oh please oh please oh...
The Secret
But AFTER that she contacted authorities. 
The teacher denies subjecting students to beatings, humiliation and sexual perversion. 
Soldier: Or as we call it, "morning," "noon" and "night"!
Nov 12, 2007
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