Jan 21, 2016
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Lupin: There's a tear in the kitchen window screen. Elvis? 
Elvis: All the bugs are going to get in! Here's Puck with more. 
Puck: Not right now, Elvis. I'm transcribing Lupin's voice memos for him. 
Elvis: What?!
Elvis: Lupin, why don't you just jot them down instead?
Lupin: This is faster. 
Elvis: NO IT'S NOT, you're adding an extra step! 
Puck: I really don't mind. 
Elvis: I MIND! This is cutting into air time - 
Lupin: Elvis, when inspiration strikes, I don't have time to look for a pen. 
Elvis: Just keep a legal pad and a pen nearby, that's what I do! 
Puck: I prefer sticky notes, myself. 
Woman: Whew, I patched the tear! No more problem! 
Puck: Most of these are just jingles for made up kibble brands. 
(MUSIC: For the tasty sweet that can't be beat try yum yum kitty cat spider treats!
Jan 28, 2016
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